An event of this nature cannot run without the support of a stalwart band of marshals to maintain a safe and efficient event and, as such we are looking for volunteers to come and help on the day.

As usual, we shall be happy to supply a warm meal at the lunch halt to each marshal.

Provisional timetable

The provisional timetable for the day is:

06:30Venue gates open
07:50Marshals' briefing TBC
08:30All marshals to be on post by this time prior to Steward's safety check
09:01First car to start SS1
TBCCompulsory 1 hour break
TBCFirst car to start SS5
18:45Approx finish time

Further information

Further information can be obtained from our chief marshal, Gavin Cross. His email address is:

We could also particularly do with some extra help on the following day to help with loading and unloading the equipment back to the club stores. If we have a good size party of helpers this doesn't take too long as all equipment will have been cleared form the stage into the car park on Saturday evening, but is a real chore if it is the same few people who have been doing everything over the weekend since Friday. Any offers of help will be welcomed with open arms.

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